Our Approach

Although our focus at Elevated Contractors is on Southern California, we have managed countless projects across the country, and are well-aware that each and every project requires special attention and adaptation. We are more than capable of organizing your projects in such a manner that they run smoothly from the beginning, and just as importantly, we know how to get them back on track when things go wrong.

Who We Are

Michael Hardesty

Founder and CEO

Mike has worked in and around commercial construction for well over 20 years. Having started as an apprentice carpenter in the mid-nineties, he worked his way up through the ranks having worked as superintendent, general superintendent, safety manager, then finally landing in the office as a project manager in 2003. Since 2003, Mike has project managed on behalf of both general contractor and client alike. This varied experience has given him a full and unique view of projects, the needs of the project and especially the needs of the client.